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Professional international express delivery, international and domestic air transport business. Our famous international express company to rely on, and become a major line of brand of professional agents, making our international express and air cargo business throughout the world more than 220 countries and regions. At the same time our according to the needs of the market development of the corresponding opening of Japan and South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Middle East special line and! Service professional, safe and fast, allowing you to win the respect and advantage in the fierce business competition!!
A wide range of products: the weight limit 10kg, a small class can meet the delivery requirements of more types of products
According to the actual weight of the charge, regardless of the bubble
The use of the first heavy 100g+ continued heavy 100g billing
Size limit: the maximum size is: 61*46*46 (CM)
Limit weight: 10kg
E.g. if a 500g cargo freight, mail =23+4*5=46 yuan =10+28+6*4=62 yuan registered freight;
General service time 5-8 working days
Tariff and VAT
A single package (a single package can have more than one):
The declared value is less than or equal to 15GBP, from VAT&DYTY;
When the value of 15GBP is declared, it will produce VAT&DUTY. VAT standards for the declaration of the value of 20%, DUTY according to different goods have different standards.
Prohibited Articles
Dangerous goods: because of the physical nature of the goods, the chemical nature of the decision, in the transport process will be a threat to the transport of goods. Such as acid, biochemical products, toxic substances, narcotics, fertilizer, gas, liquid, paint, radiation biomass.
II transport risk items: physical and chemical properties of the goods themselves to transportation safety does not cause any threat, but due to the express transportation will cause the risk of the goods themselves, such as loss, damage, and to entrust the carrier or made significant loss of items, such as blank invoices, cash, valuables, jewellery, stamps, stocks and bonds.
Third, the state orders to prohibit the transport of goods: pornographic items, weapons, etc..
The imitation brand, infringing products.
The air transport / restricted goods embargo provisions.

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